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Agile Testing CzechTest 2014 Tutorial 25 June

Agile testing is in principle no different from testing in any other model or framework, but in practice it often differs dramatically, because agile creates a very different environment for quality assurance, including testing.

This tutorial is about how to implement, deploy and use best testing practices - which are the same regardless of development model - in agile framework. Agile is not a miracle medicine, nor a sliver bullet, and things can go seriously wrong in agile projects as easily as they can in sequential projects, unless you know how to fill agile framework with good contents, including good testing.

During those 3 hours 30 minutes we have at our disposal, I cannot teach both agile and testlore; frankly, this time limit in definitely not sufficient for any of them. Instead, my intention is to concentrate on the opportunities agile creates that allow really good testing to be achieved, and how to avoid certain traps which lurk for testers in agile development.

We will talk less about general risks of testing wrongly and badly, because they are very much the same in iterative  and in sequential frameworks.

  • The benefits and the costs of iterative development, and how they influence testing
  • Toppling some popular myths about agile testing to create the room for real stuff
  • Test analysis in agile - who does it, and when?
  • The role of testers in agile scrum, and the co-operation of three amigos
  • Planning testing in agile projects:
    • risk poker and test effort estimation;
    • negotiating DoD
  • Test design in agile: the analysis of test quadrants
    • who does what part of test design?
    • what's the role of exploratory testing in agile?
    • the greatest agile achievement - acceptance criteria as acceptance test cases (what does it achieve?)
  • Regression testing in agile
  • Test automation in agile
  • ATDD: a powerful concoction of (1) complementing requirements with test cases; (2) test-driven design; (3) keyword-driven test automation
  • Test organization and test levels in agile:
    • test environment responsibility
    • test automation responsibility
    • integration acceptance testing
    • incident reports and bug fixing within sprints and outside sprints
  • Definition of Done as test completion criteria
  • Agile test process improvement during sprint retrospectives

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