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Test Metrics, CzechTest 2014 Presentation, 27 June

Testing is all about measuring: measuring how good an IT product is, triangulating where buggy areas are, estimating residual risk and helping others estimate how much is left to do. To some extent, testing measures itself, too: how much testing work has already been done, how much still remains. And, needless to say, whether you want it or not, testing measures project status and quality, and - indirectly - process quality. It is a lot to cover in 40 minutes.

  • Software measurement as part of general discipline of scientific measurement
  • Measurement for decision making
  • Testing as part of software measurement
  • Using testing to measure various quality attributes
    • Measuring functionality
    • Measuring non-functional attributes
    • Test evaluation: interpreting measurement results
  • Scales of measure in testing
    • Nominal scale
    • Ordinal scale
    • Interval scale
    • Ratio scale
  • Statistics and probability in testing
  • Accuracy and precision in testing
  • How testing contributes to project status measurement
  • How testing can contribute to process measurement
  • How to measure test effectiveness and efficiency
  • Measuring test process

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