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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I wish you all love and plenty :)

Wesołych Świąt - życzę Wszystkim miłości i obfitości :)
God Jul! Jag önskar er alla kärlek och myckenhet

wtorek, 29 września 2015

Risk-Frist Development

Lock, stock and barrel, this article will appear in the coming issue of "Professional Tester" - welcome! :)

Risk-First Development

Some history: risk-based testing

At “EuroSTAR 1999” in Barcelona, Ståle Amland’s presentation and paper entitled “Risk Based Testing and Metrics” was awarded the prestigious “Best Paper Award”.[...]

Another history: agile-driven reversal of waterfall sequence

Agile-like approach is far older than most 25-years old enthusiasts of lean startup and continuous integration realize: it was first defined in Tom Gilb’s “Evolutionary Project Management” (EVO) already in 70’s, and re-appeared to some extent in every iterative methodology since then. [...]

Sadly, this great leap in process quality, offered by test-first, agile approach, was followed by a relative decline in the realization of the real importance of risk-based development and testing. [...]

Being a freelancer, I am often expected to answer absurd questions, like “how many testers should there be in a scrum team?”, or “how much testing do we need?” My automatic answer is “twenty percent”, which is popular and sometimes even right. [...]

Beginning with risk: the rationale

How is risk used in real IT projects? Typically, after some haggling about needs and requirements, development – agile and test-driven, or traditional – starts. No one asks the question, what process to use? – the process is simply there already. The decision, how much testing, or how thorough requirements verification, is needed, is taken ad hoc, and not based on risk analysis. [...]

Example risk-driven project

An e-mail arrived from a prospective customer to a mobile app vendor, with a rough-and-ready request for tender to develop a bar-code mobile app, designed especially for the recognition of certain brand-related issues. And of course, asking for tender, including time and price, without providing sufficient details; actually, no details, except the list of mobile platforms this app was supposed to run on. [...]

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Risk-Driven Development

This presentation is not yet complete, but I will publish an article about Risk+Driven Development in the next issue of "Professional Tester" (to be distributed at "EuroSTAR"). Enjoy and feel welcome to comment.

Risk-Driven Development

This presentation is not yet complete, but the idea is. I will write about it in "Professional Tester" soon. Welcome to the presentation. Cheers!

środa, 20 maja 2015

"Busieness Process Testing" - new article soon in "Professional Tester"

"Busieness Process Testing" - new article soon in "Professional Tester"

Fin de siècle and software testing
At the end of the 20th century, a phenomenon occurred, that influenced testing profoundly: the emergence of Internet technologies, which made dramatically novel business approaches possible.

1. On one hand, this created the situation, where rapidly changing requirements demanded shorter product life-cycles, and were often incompatible with traditional methods of software development. This meant the advent of XP and, to some extent, exploratory alias context-driven, alias rapid testing 
2. On the other hand, the enormous business potential offered by the new technologies created demand for tools enabling you to describe, optimize, automate or even obliterate and replace , business processes accurately, flexibly and fast. This demand created new, more powerful process modelling methods, including BPMN.
These were two surprisingly divergent trends: more discipline in business processes, but the opposite – more laissez-faire - in software development and testing.

Bosses, and older testers who has advanced to become bosses, get certified in ITIL / PMI / IPMA / IIBA / COBIT / BPM and forget testing, because it is hardly mentioned there – just like it was 40 years ago. Testing, instead of becoming, together with requirements engineering, part of the duopoly of power in IT projects, is still kept in power antechamber, and relegated to “maven + jbehave + PageObject + Selenium” spectrum.

Business process testing may change this.

piątek, 30 stycznia 2015

RE-challenge: Requirements Engineering Cup 2015

I am happy to inform you that Polish Association for Requirements Engineering will organize its first annual tournament in requirements engineering and business analysis 14-15 May 2015 in Warsaw. You will find us on http://re-challenge.pl, but please note – this year, in Polish only!

However, I believe you may be interested anyway, since we are looking for international speakers for the conference part of this event. Or maybe your organization would like to become our partner? Please contact us at info@re-challenge.pl.

Best regards