środa, 20 maja 2015

"Busieness Process Testing" - new article soon in "Professional Tester"

"Busieness Process Testing" - new article soon in "Professional Tester"

Fin de siècle and software testing
At the end of the 20th century, a phenomenon occurred, that influenced testing profoundly: the emergence of Internet technologies, which made dramatically novel business approaches possible.

1. On one hand, this created the situation, where rapidly changing requirements demanded shorter product life-cycles, and were often incompatible with traditional methods of software development. This meant the advent of XP and, to some extent, exploratory alias context-driven, alias rapid testing 
2. On the other hand, the enormous business potential offered by the new technologies created demand for tools enabling you to describe, optimize, automate or even obliterate and replace , business processes accurately, flexibly and fast. This demand created new, more powerful process modelling methods, including BPMN.
These were two surprisingly divergent trends: more discipline in business processes, but the opposite – more laissez-faire - in software development and testing.

Bosses, and older testers who has advanced to become bosses, get certified in ITIL / PMI / IPMA / IIBA / COBIT / BPM and forget testing, because it is hardly mentioned there – just like it was 40 years ago. Testing, instead of becoming, together with requirements engineering, part of the duopoly of power in IT projects, is still kept in power antechamber, and relegated to “maven + jbehave + PageObject + Selenium” spectrum.

Business process testing may change this.