wtorek, 29 września 2015

Risk-Frist Development

Lock, stock and barrel, this article will appear in the coming issue of "Professional Tester" - welcome! :)

Risk-First Development

Some history: risk-based testing

At “EuroSTAR 1999” in Barcelona, Ståle Amland’s presentation and paper entitled “Risk Based Testing and Metrics” was awarded the prestigious “Best Paper Award”.[...]

Another history: agile-driven reversal of waterfall sequence

Agile-like approach is far older than most 25-years old enthusiasts of lean startup and continuous integration realize: it was first defined in Tom Gilb’s “Evolutionary Project Management” (EVO) already in 70’s, and re-appeared to some extent in every iterative methodology since then. [...]

Sadly, this great leap in process quality, offered by test-first, agile approach, was followed by a relative decline in the realization of the real importance of risk-based development and testing. [...]

Being a freelancer, I am often expected to answer absurd questions, like “how many testers should there be in a scrum team?”, or “how much testing do we need?” My automatic answer is “twenty percent”, which is popular and sometimes even right. [...]

Beginning with risk: the rationale

How is risk used in real IT projects? Typically, after some haggling about needs and requirements, development – agile and test-driven, or traditional – starts. No one asks the question, what process to use? – the process is simply there already. The decision, how much testing, or how thorough requirements verification, is needed, is taken ad hoc, and not based on risk analysis. [...]

Example risk-driven project

An e-mail arrived from a prospective customer to a mobile app vendor, with a rough-and-ready request for tender to develop a bar-code mobile app, designed especially for the recognition of certain brand-related issues. And of course, asking for tender, including time and price, without providing sufficient details; actually, no details, except the list of mobile platforms this app was supposed to run on. [...]

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Risk-Driven Development

This presentation is not yet complete, but I will publish an article about Risk+Driven Development in the next issue of "Professional Tester" (to be distributed at "EuroSTAR"). Enjoy and feel welcome to comment.

Risk-Driven Development

This presentation is not yet complete, but the idea is. I will write about it in "Professional Tester" soon. Welcome to the presentation. Cheers!