wtorek, 15 września 2015

Risk-Driven Development

This presentation is not yet complete, but I will publish an article about Risk+Driven Development in the next issue of "Professional Tester" (to be distributed at "EuroSTAR"). Enjoy and feel welcome to comment.

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  1. From Niels Malutoux (delivered by e-mail):
    A typical test-centric view.

    In my view, testing is NOT finding bugs and the refactoring (design afterwards), but rather checking that it works ok.

    If you first design, review the design until satisfied, code, review the code until satisfied, then testing hardly finds issues. And the issues that testing would find are easy to solve. Of course the requirements process should be done similarly. Result (my and other's experience): better software faster.

    Note: I don't mean big waterfall. I mean many small waterfalls (Evo).

    See e.g. www.malotaux.nl/designlogcase2